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A welcoming creative space reflecting the diversity of Cliftonville, that presents ambitious, engaging and inclusive programming in a culturally iconic building.

ARK is a charity based in the former Margate synagogue, in the heart of Cliftonville West in Thanet, Kent.


We are a welcoming, accessible, inclusive, cultural and social resource, which brings together Cliftonville’s diverse communities - a space where people can experience ambitious live performance and exhibitions; thought-provoking film screenings; food events and workshops that are open to everyone.


ARK is also a place to hold weddings, celebrations and other events; where you can rehearse your show and hold meetings; a space for film and fashion shoots. 


Above all, this space reflects and celebrates the diverse roots and identities of all those who call Cliftonville home – both now and when the synagogue was built, as shown in our first project,  Cliftonville Voices

We look forward to welcoming you to ARK, Cliftonville’s Cultural Space

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